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Aug 04, 2009 01:15 AM EDT

X-Cart modification: adding a 2nd image upload field

X-Cart is an e-commerce package that is written in PHP with the use of Smarty tags for its template system. For about $200, it includes a lot of functionality out of the box, and you can buy prebuilt skins for another $60 or so. For those interested in SEO, there is a module called CDSEO that you can purchase by a third party that’ll change the URLs from including GET request variables to a folder style SEO friendly format for another $150 or so. After the add ons, you can have a cart up and running for about $400.

The smarty system leaves a lot to be desired, so beware that it’s going to take longer than you’d normally think if you want to skin the site yourself, especially the first time you work with X-cart. One of the biggest challenges is knowing which template to modify. X-cart helps with this by providing a “webmaster mode”, which changes the status bar to reflect the folder and template structure of a particular section of the page. It’s quite handy because many of the template files are in strange places, and there are a ton of different template files.

X-Cart also loads pages slower than you would expect from a PHP site, which might be because of Smarty templates, but I’m not certain of that.

Note: this article is referring to version 4.0. 4.1 is out now, but I’ve heard that the newer versions are somewhat unstable until they’ve been out there for a while. 4.1 hasn’t been around long enough for me to use in a production environment yet. These instructions will
likely help with 4.1 as well. Of course, you’ll need to modify them to fit the newer codebase.

One issue I’ve come across is the need to put a small thumbnail image for each product listed on the shopping cart checkout pages. Below is how I modified the code to allow a 2nd picture to be uploaded in X-Cart’s admin area. I use one upload for a 250 pixel wide picture on the product detail page, and a 70 pixel wide image on the cart checkout page.

This article is assuming that you know PHP pretty well and can either grasp the Smarty concepts easily or have a familiarity with them. If you need further explanation about Smarty, please comment and I’ll write more about that in another post.


Modifying X-cart to allow 2 picture upload fields

First, back up your x-cart files and database in case something goes wrong.

Then, modify the following files:

In include/product_modify.php:

Add this code directly below the ‘if’ block with the comment “Check if image selected is not expired”:
If that comment can’t be found, look for the same block of code except that it’s looking for an imtype of “T” instead of “S”.
The two “if” blocks could probably be combined into 1, if you’d like. Please note that as is, you can only upload one image at a time.
If you want to be able to upload both at once, you’ll need to modify the code beyond the example to handle that.

//Cart Image
if ($file_upload_data["imtype"] == "S") {

if ($file_upload_data["counter"] == 1) {

$smarty->assign("file_upload_data", $file_upload_data);
else {
if ($file_upload_data["source"] == "L")

Also in include/product_modify.php, change the # Prepare for thumbnail updating (around line 278) to this:

# Prepare for thumbnail updating
$image_posted = func_check_image_posted($file_upload_data, "T");
$cartimage_posted = func_check_image_posted($file_upload_data, "S");

$store_in = ($config["Images"]["thumbnails_location"] == "FS"?"FS":"DB");
$cartstore_in = ($config["Images"]["cartimages_location"] == "FS"?"FS":"DB");

And add this code block directly after the $image_posted “if” block:

if ($cartimage_posted) {

$cartimage_data = func_get_image_content($file_upload_data, $productid);
$row_exists = func_query_first("select * from $sql_tbl[thumbnails] where productid = '$productid'");
if ($row_exists['productid'] == "") {
db_query("INSERT INTO $sql_tbl[thumbnails] (productid, ".($cartstore_in == "FS"?"cartimage_path":"cartimage").", cartimage_type) VALUES ('$productid', '$cartimage_data[image]', '$cartimage_data[image_type]')");
} else {
db_query("UPDATE $sql_tbl[thumbnails] SET ".($cartstore_in == "FS"?"cartimage_path":"cartimage")." = '$cartimage_data[image]', cartimage_type = '$cartimage_data[image_type]' WHERE productid = '$productid'");

On skin1/main/product_details.tpl, add this text below the normal thumbnail table row:

<!-- Cart Image -->
{if $productids ne ''}<TD width="15" class="TableSubHead"> </TD>{/if}
<TD colspan="2">{include file="main/subheader.tpl" title="Small Cart Image"}</TD>

{if $productids ne ''}<TD width="15" class="TableSubHead"><INPUT type="checkbox" value="Y" name="fields[thumbnail]"></TD>{/if}
<TD class="ProductDetails" valign="top"><FONT class="FormButton">Small Image</FONT><BR>(recommended size 50x50 or smaller)</TD>
<TD class="ProductDetails">
{include file="product_cartthumbnail.tpl" productid=$product.productid product=$product.product}
<TABLE border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" width="100%">
<INPUT type="button" value="{$lng.lbl_change_image}" onclick='javascript: if (confirm("{$lng.txt_change_image_text|strip_tags}")){ldelim}popup_image_selection("S", "{$product.productid}", "{$query_string}");{rdelim}'>
<INPUT type="button" value="{$lng.lbl_delete_image}" onclick='javascript: if (confirm("{$lng.txt_change_image_text|strip_tags}")){ldelim}self.location="product_modify.php?mode=delete_thumbnail&productid={$product.productid}"{rdelim}'>
{if $file_upload_data.file_path}
<!-- End Cart Image -->

In include/image_selection.php, add this case in the $imtype switch:

case "S":
$config_data["location"] = $config["Images"]["cartimages_location"];
$config_data["path"] = $config["Images"]["cartimages_path"];
$config_data["path_only"] = $config["Images"]["cartimages_path_only"];

Save image.php as cartimage.php, then change the code portion to the following (leave the x-cart license comment stuff alone):
Also note that I’ve included <?php even though it shows up above the comments. Of course, you only need this in one spot.

require "./top.inc.php";
require "./config.php";

if (empty($productid)) $productid = "";

$image_out = ""; $image_type = ""; $image_path = "";

if (!empty($tmp)) {


if (!empty($file_upload_data["file_path"]) && $file_upload_data["id"]==$productid && $file_upload_data["imtype"]=="S") {
$image_out = func_file_get($file_upload_data["file_path"], true);


if (empty($image_out)) {

$result = db_query("SELECT cartimage as image, cartimage_path as image_path, cartimage_type as image_type FROM $sql_tbl[thumbnails] WHERE productid='$productid' AND variantid = '$variantid'");
$result = db_query("SELECT cartimage as image, cartimage_path as image_path, cartimage_type as image_type FROM $sql_tbl[thumbnails] WHERE productid='$productid' AND variantid = ''");

if (db_num_rows($result)) {
list($image, $image_path, $image_type) = db_fetch_row($result);

if ($image == "") {
header("Content-type: image/gif");
func_readfile($default_image, true);
} else {
header("Content-type: image/gif");
func_readfile($default_image, true);
//echo "Image: " . $image_type;


if ($config["Images"]["thumbnails_location"] == "DB") {
if (!empty($image))
$image_out = $image;
$no_image_db = true;

if ($config["Images"]["thumbnails_location"] == "FS" || !empty($no_image_db)) {
if (!empty($image_path)) {
header("Content-type: $image_type");
func_readfile($image_path, true);


if (!empty($image_out)) {
header("Content-type: $image_type");
echo $image_out;
} else {
header("Content-type: image/gif");
func_readfile($default_image, true);

Create a new file called skin1/product_cartthumbnail.tpl, and put this code in it:

{* $Id: product_cartthumbnail.tpl,v 1.14 2007/09/14 09:53:29 max Exp $ *}
{if $config.Appearance.show_thumbnails eq "Y"}
<IMG id="{$id}" src="{if $tmbn_url}{$tmbn_url}{else}{if $full_url}{$http_location}{else}{$xcart_web_dir}{/if}/cartimage.php?productid={$productid}{if $file_upload_data.file_path}&tmp=y{/if}{/if}" alt="{$product|escape}" border="0">

In include/func.php, in the func_get_image_content function, add this to the $file_upload_data[”imtype”] switch:

case "S":
$config_data["location"] = $config["Images"]["cartimages_location"];

In the database:

Modify xcart_thumbnails (assuming you used the prefix “xcart” when installing it, otherwise modify the table with the appropriate prefix)
to include the following fields:

cartimage mediumblob allow nulls
cartimage_path varchar(255) allow nulls
cartimage_type varchar(64) allow nulls

In xcart_config, add the following rows (modify the table name if you used a different prefix other than xcart):

INSERT INTO xcart_config (name, comment, value, category, orderby, type, defvalue)
values ('cartimages_location', 'location of small cart images', 'DB', 'Images', '130', 'text', 'DB')

INSERT INTO xcart_config (name, comment, value, category, orderby, type, defvalue)
values ('cartimages_path', 'FS junk - not needed', '', 'Images', '140', 'text', '')

INSERT INTO xcart_config (name, comment, value, category, orderby, type, defvalue)
values ('cartimages_path_only', 'FS junk - not needed', 'N', 'Images', '150', 'checkbox', 'N')

After that, test it and see if everything works. If not, you’ll need to troubleshoot the code to see where you missed something.

Good Luck,

Darren xcart | php | cdseo

X-Cart modification: adding a 2nd image upload field

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