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Hitting the Target in the Bullseye

AskSomeGeeks is provided by Vauntium.

Vauntium is a bold, creative marketing company that uses techniques in internet media, print, and other forms to help businesses convert their targets into sales and maintain clients and customers for repeat transactions. Vauntium offers services in full-cycle business marketing.

Converting Prospects, Leads, and Clients into Revenue

Surveys indicate that a company should anticipate spending 3-15% of targeted gross revenues to achieve the market position they seek. A company that is mature and seeks a stable growth will spend as little as 3% while a company looking to grow significantly will spend in the ballpark of 15%.

Growth rates and sales are greatly impacted by how the market audience is defined and approached and urged to take action. We know your company plans to grow. We'll take your allocated budget and bring the greatest return for the investment.

Maximizing Marketing ROI

Marketing activities are necessary investments. They drive business and other successful causes. It's not whether or not you'll need to market but how to invest your budget in programs that bring you the strongest return. At Vauntium, we expect the greatest return from our own marketing and we expect you to get the greatest return for yours.

Successful Branding

A successful brand and image don't occur overnight. Significant sales and business development are established over time as your target audience responds to consistent impressions of perceived value.

We'll help you establish a brand and image that stand for value and invite sales activity. We'll help you communicate with your audience and drive business to conversion channels. 

Market Reach

A key to maximizing the return on investment on a marketing program is to know who the audience is and how to reach them in such a way that they will take action. We employ techniques and strategies to best determine the audience to target and we have the capability to put your brand in front of them as we invite them to act.

Business Momentum

The challenge to business growth is sustaining a momentum based on budgetary constraints. The Vauntium goal is to help you and your business create a sustainable momentum growth.





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