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May 16, 2011 01:14 PM EDT

Drawing Tablets Defined

A drawing tablet is a computer input device, similar to a keyboard or mouse, that makes it possible for people to draw graphics, pictures, and use programs that need more sensitivity than a typical mouse. They are also referred to as a digitizer, digitizing tablet, graphics pad, or graphics tablet. The device consists of two items: a pen and a pad.  When the pen touches the pad, the motion and amount of pressure applied is captured by the computer and is displayed in the computer program such as Photoshop or Illustrator. Because it renders the amount of pressure, the program is able to determine how light or dark the line is to be displayed and, in certain instances, the thickness of the line. Often, the 'eraser' side of the pen also acts as an eraser with the tablet.

Beyond the art industry, tablet technology has reached the point of sale industry as well. Many businesses are using modified tablets to record signatures for received deliveries, credit cards, checking in at hotels or at the dentist's office, etc.

Smudged graphite drawings are a thing of the past; however, it does take a little getting used to.  The line doesn't show up below the pen anymore. It shows up on the screen.

Wacom is perhaps the most popular drawing tablet vendor; however, there are many available options such as Tooya, PenPower, and VisTablet.

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